Why Everyone Should Check Out BBG by Kayla Itsines

There are millions of people around the world that are trying to get their body into shape for the beach. If you have dreamed of having the perfect beach body then you should check out the latest Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Review. While the majority of people out there may not know the name Kayla Itsines it is just a matter of time before the world starts to appreciate the benefits of her Bikini Body Guide. Anyone who is thinking about starting the Bikini Body program or any other fitness program should first consult with their family doctor to make sure they are healthy.

What is the Bikini Body Guide?

This guide was developed by Kayla Itsines as a solution to the problem she was facing of not having a great bikini body. Kayla documented her journey towards physical fitness and now we all can benefit from her experience to hopefully develop the bikini body we all want.

How does the Bikini Body Program Work?

Bikini Body Guide

The program is designed to address the two causes of weight gain.

·    We gain weight when we consume more calories than what our body requires. Kayla has developed a very healthy and easy to follow diet. By following the meal plans that Kayla designed you will be able to get the nutrition you need without having to feel hungry.

·    Lack of exercise resulting in loss of muscle mass and reduced metabolic rate. The majority of the people in the Western world do not get enough exercise. This lack of regular exercise is the leading cause of obesity in the developed world. Kayla has developed a fitness routine that will target all the muscles of your body. When you follow the workout program you are going to have a bikini body in no time at all.

The guide that Kayla designed was distributed as an ebook, however, due to the huge success of it she decided to introduce the BBG app. This app gives you access to the BBG anywhere you go no matter where you are. The app is compatible with all Android and Ios devices so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. Some of the features available on the app include:

·    Direct access to all the meal plans developed by Kayla Itsines. You will never have to wonder what to prepare for supper thanks to this app great food is just a click away. By sticking with the meal plan you are going to start losing weight and getting that bikini body you always wanted.

·    Up to date work out plans. When you follow the training program that was developed by Kayla on a regular basis your clothes will start to fit better and your body will start to become toned.

There is a small monthly fee to enjoy all of the benefits of the BBG app but this program is not for everyone. You will need to be totally committed to the weight loss program if you want to experience long-term results otherwise you should not sign up for the Bikini Body program.